Monday, March 13, 2006

The long awaited update...

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I last "blogged", and a lot has happened. Let me just get right to it here:
I saw my first transvestite in the city, hung out with the homeless, paid homage to Seinfeld's "puffy shirt" in the American History museum, played in the park all weekend, got a job, you know...The usual things someone does on an average day here in the city. I will blog about each of these traumatic events as I go through this.
First off: I HAVE A JOB!! I will be employed by the Economist Magazine based out of London. I will be working for their newspaper here on Capitol Hill called "Roll Call", and will be doing their sales/marketing for their classifieds. It has a lot of great perks to it, and the people that I will be working with are really cool. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
Secondly: The puffy shirt/the pirate shirt...It is just one of the few random things you will find in the pop culture portion of the American History Museum in the Smithsonian. Next to the iconic shirt lies Dorothy's ruby slippers (not the golden girl Dorothy, which I would have loved), Lance Armstrong's bike, and the legend Kermit the Frog. I think seeing this small homage to our American history is worth every moment of living in this city.
C: Whilst on the phone with my good friend Mandersjo29 and walking down Constitution Ave I came to a stop light, and what to my dismay, but standing in front of me was a man. He was prrrretty. Other than the dude in Amsterdam and Sex and the City, I had never seen a man in drag before. Needless to say, he wore his makeup better than the woman he was with. I almost asked him the color of his lipstick, but the light turned green and I didn't want to leave Mandy hanging while I get makeup advice from the man who wore it best. In all honesty, he was a very attractive woman. Kudos to shim.
4th: While I was in the bank last week I stood in line for 15 minutes while I watched the guy behind the counter hit on the dumb girl in front if it. As the line got longer, the love grew deep between the two of them. I, however, stood in line and talked to this homeless woman who just so grateful to even be able to stand in line at the bank. She was getting her change put into cash. Like the two idiots at the counter, my heart went out to this woman. She was so generous and giving, she tried to give me money. I took it naturally, seeing as how I didn't have a job at the time....just kidding. She had a spirit about her that was beautiful. She made me thankful for what I have been blessed with and understanding to those who are just trying to get by, because really...aren't we all just trying to make a living?
And last but certainly not least: The weather here was gorgeous this last weekend. I spent ample amount of time sitting outside, reading, and people watching. I saw a chess tournament going on with a bunch of 70 year olds like in the movies, couples having picnics, children running around, and dogs chasing after them. I can't describe to you how perfect it is here right now. It's all about to change, but still it was nice to enjoy the weekend.
Spring Break is here and so are the tourists. There are people EVERYWHERE!! It's kind of fun not being one of them for once, however I totally get into the touristy action from time to time. I have friends coming in all week this week, old friends, new friends, and even a few OC students have called me up, so it will be fun to join in the tourist wagon for my last week of FREEEEDOM before I have to rejoin the working world. I'm off to start my week of being a tour guide. I promise to update more often.