Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A hiking we must go...

Matt and I recently took a day and headed out to the place we first hiked together. It was just as fun as I had remembered, only this time the trees were changing and the mountains were covered with dark orange and yellow. It was truly beautiful. A sight to see.
It always reminds me of just how amazing our God truly is. It's always so nice to escape the city and visit the peaceful mountains and fresh air around us.

Needless to say, on our way back, we decided we didn't want to live outside the beltway. It would take HOURS to get to work, but that is a whole other story for another time.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The return of my freshman year...

You can take the girl out of Oklahoma but you can't take the clumsiness out of the girl.
I don't know if you know me, but I tend to be a little clumsy in my step from time to time, and well, moving here has not changed that aspect about me at all. I never hurt myself physically except maybe bruising the pride a little, but other than that I am usually fine.

You may or may not recall my freshman year when I fell in my Gen Psych class with 150+ of you watching. Did I mention this happened on my FIRST DAY of my Fr. year? Terrified, I sat in the first seat I saw with everyone in the class staring at me. Then just when I thought all had forgotten about it (mid class) Dusty Davis leans down and says "Watch out for those stairs, they'll get you every time."

I was feeling pretty confident about myself this morning, which is usually when tragedy strikes my steps. As I was coming up out of the metro at Union Station along with everyone else who works on Capitol Hill, taking my first to cross the street my foot slips. I was so shocked when I all of a sudden I found my self on my butt! I mean, STUNNED! I quickly picked myself up as though it was all one motion in hopes that no one would see me, but I have a feeling they all saw this situation go down (literally). The man walking next to me asked if I was all right, which was very sweet. I answered "I'm good, thanks." and quickly walked shamelessly with my head down the rest of the way to our building. Now you would think I would be in the clear at this point as those around Union Station disperse to their own places of business, but as I was waiting for the elevator in my building one of my coworkers walked by and asked if I was okay. :( I sadly said "yes, thank you." and again shamelessly slinked myself onto the elevator and into our office. I hope this isn't an omen for the rest of my day.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Off to the races...

I don't even know where to begin! After 3 years of living in DC, I went to my very first High Heeled Drag Race. It's exactly what it sounds like... Men dressin' in drag and taking a jog down 17th St. in Dupont Circle. Let me just say it was quite the site to see!! As we stood there freezing, the energy of men in makeup walking the street in a parade like manner showing off their fashion and faces kept us warm all night long! I won't give away the winner, mainly just b/c you don't want to see that picture...but I can say, his heels were more of a wedge which we think is cheating.

Some co workers and I gathered the streets after work for the Dragging extravaganza! I had no idea what I was getting into!

Mary Kay was my favorite (naturally)!

Ace and Gary! (not really drag but still funny)

Michelle Obama made an appearance.

For every Michelle there was a Sarah Palin.

And lest we not forget the women from Texas.

And this is just a taste. All I have to say is if you ever get a chance to witness the drag racing situation, take full advantage! It's like a car crash! You just can't look away!

To Mandy's House I go

I of course don't take any pictures of Mandy and me. It was all about Vivian as she turned 1 whole year old the day I arrived into town. I naturally couldn't put her down as she was more fun than watching Golden Girls! (which for me says a lot).

There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday afternoon, a package of oreos, a glass of milk, your best friend and of course Sex and the City the movie.

I didn't even get to take pictures of Tams, or Dara when I saw them. Maybe I'll have Mandy send me some...

Needless to say, Viv and I had a blast, she told me she did! Mandy and I did too...

A week of giving thanks.

I think this little face of my 1 year old niece says it all about our Thanksgiving holiday this year...
It was goooooooooood. I looked like this at one point, but opted not to put my picture up for you to see.
Matt and I escaped DC to the great state of OKLAHOMA! And not just Oklahoma, Ft. Gibson, OK! For me, this quaint little town with two stop lights, is the greatest place to call "home". It was nice to slow down for a minute, catch up with friends and enjoy time with family.
We did everything from eat to shop on Friday (which is a bad idea) to sit in the freezing cold at the OSU/OU game.
On the great day we all were there to celebrate, Thursday Nov 27, 2008, we didn't just do Thanksgiving. When the Perry's get together, it's an extravaganza.
At 12:30 Thursday Nov. 27, 2008 the Perry family celebrated Thanksgiving. There was a ton of turkey, casseroles, stuffing and the always present cranberry sauce. At 1:30 Thursday Nov. 27, 2008 the Perry family celebrated my 29th birthday (the sequel), and finally at 2:00pm Thursday Nov. 27, 2008 the Perry family celebrated Christmas with Matt and I since we will be at the Hooker family's house on Christmas this year. It was quite the day!
Matt experienced his first Bedlam game! For me, there is nothing better than sitting in a sea of orange. It was a great game, but of course we went home saddened the Cowboys couldn't quite pull it off. We couldn't decide which was worse, sitting in the freezing cold or losing the game...

...either way, we had fun!

After a week in Oklahoma and 5 lbs later, Matt and I hopped on a plane or two and got back to DC at 1:30 this morning. It's nice to be back, but now I have to do laundry.