Sunday, May 31, 2009

A lady, my belly and her grocery list...

I keep forgetting to blog this, but it is so blog worthy, even after a week has passed I'm still going to blog this for you.

I was on my way home from work last Thursday. I switched to my orange line to head home. I actually got a seat without someone offering me their's. I was sitting in a seat that was facing across from this woman. You could tell that she was mentally challenged, but didn't think too much about it. I watched her dig in her bag, get out a little pad of paper and scribble something. She was in quite disarray. Well, our train broke down one stop into our trek and we had to off load. I get off and stand patiently for the next train with everyone else, and I lose track of my friend sitting across from me.

I get back on the metro and everyone crowds on in frustration. Well, this time I wasn't planning on sitting as most of the seats were being taken...but one. The seat next to my friend across the isle. A lady got on behind me and was planning on sitting there. I told her to go a head and have a seat. She looked frustrated to even ask me, but whatever. She went to sit down and my friend goes (in a loud voice) "NO! This seat is for her!" and pointed at me! "She's pregnant! She has to sit here!" I was mortified!!! The lady in more frustration goes, "she's not going to let me sit there." Sorry sister.

So, I sat down, but not after being jolted forward slamming my foot into some poor guys foot, after which I just kept apologizing. When I was seated and situated, the lady started patting my stomach and rubbing it and said, "You're pregnant. You've gotta take care of this baby." Everyone on the train was watching me and the whole situation. She wasn't speaking with her inside voice. So, of course I go, "yeah, I do. It'll be here before we know it." She said, "yeah, you've gotta take care of it." (patting my stomach of course)

She proceeds to again, rumadge through her bag to get her little notebook pad out and scribble some more then just couldn't get situated. I asked her if she was okay, and she said, "Yeah, I forgot something on my grocery list. I forgot ranch dressing." I said, "Oh! Well, you don't want to forget that." She goes, "I have 8 things on my list, wanna see?" I couldn't make out her list, but as long as she knew what they were, I guess that is all that matters, right?

As we were pulling away from the stop before mine, she leaned over me to see where we were, so I told her. She told me she had to go to Vienna, which is the end of the line, so poor girl had a ways to go. Then she asked patting my stomach again, "do you have a name? Are you the next stop?" I told her yes I was the next stop, but no we don't have a name yet. And she goes "WHAT!?!! You need to name it!" I of course know this, but as I was getting up she goes, "Don't forget to take care of that baby!" I replied, "Take care, and good luck at the grocery store."

It was one of the most random experiences on the metro so far. It was funny, bless her heart!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone...booooo
As thousands gather the streets of DC for the "Rolling Thunder" down Constitution Ave, we left town! We drove out on Friday, and on our way we actually saw about 100 motorcycles with their police escort driving across 66 as they made their way into the city. Where did we go, you ask???
Yes, that's right. Matt and I hitched up Pearl (my car) and headed for the great Smoky Mountains! I sang that Alabama song the whole way, don't you worry. We met up with Matt's family who takes a trip there every Memorial Day, and this was just our first year to go. We couldn't stay the whole week as Matt is trying to save up "leave" (that's what he calls vacation)for the baby. The Smokies are beautiful this time of year. It was very very green and so wonderful to breathe fresh air again!

I have attached a few pics for your looking enjoyment! Enjoy! And yes, my belly has gotten bigger in the last week. I feel fat, but I am enjoying that little panel in my pants!

This is my wonderful mother and father-in-law

My two nephews

My sister-in-law and her hubs (his name is Matt too) and baby

I can never keep my mouth closed!

And here is Matt and I with baby belly

And here are a few out takes from our adventures!

This is my "come hither" look. I think it's working!

"Matt stop climbing on rocks!"

I get this all of the time!

I have no words for my action here... you have to love me!

Don't worry... Perry pics are coming! LOOK OUT BRANSON! HERE WE COME!!! Happy weekend to you all!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Allllmost 15 weeks

Okay! Okay!! I have found a minute this morning for Matt to take another shot of the 'ole gut!
Seriously! If I ham it up, I can usually snag a seat on the Metro.
I went to Georgetown this past weekend to find some new clothes that might fit. I don't think anyone in Georgetown gets pregnant, b/c there wasn't a maternity store in site. I even went to GAP! The closest GAP Maternity is 30 minutes outside DC! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!?! I guess everyone in Georgetown is so wealthy that instead of going to look for clothes when they're pregnant the clothes come to them, or they have Christian Dior design them all for them. So, I just bought bigger clothes and dresses for the summer until I can get back to Oklahoma where we all know and love GAP, Old Navy, Target, etc. It was like digging for gold, but I did walk away with a few cute outfits that I will soon be to fat for! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

the 80's are BACK!

First it was the leggings trend, the multi-colored outfit trend, the mini skirt made a brief appearance on some trend, now NKOTB (late 80's early 90's) has made a come back! But, lest we forget my favorite trend, the stereo/boombox on the shoulder trend. I SAW IT TODAY!!!! There was a man, if I'm lying I'm dying, walking down the sidewalk in my neighborhood with the stereo on and tuuuuuuuuuurned up, just sittin' on his shoulder like it was the most normal thing to do on your way to work. He was all kinds of jammin' out. Unfortunately he wasn't listening to "Parents Just Don't Understand" or it would have been picture perfect and I would have had to go buy a scrunchie. It was so funny to see, especially being one who adores the 80's. It just isn't something you see everyday in the streets of my neighborhood. I kind of wanted to give him my ipod and let him know that it's the 21st Century now, but I couldn't. I was too proud of him. LOVE THE 80'S MAN!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day in a psuedo kind of way

Yesterday was Mother's Day, as I am sure you all knew. When they asked all of the mothers at church to stand, Matt told me I could squat. (he's too good to me)

In light of my current situation, I of course got to thinking about motherhood and the roll mothers, our mothers, my mother plays, has played, and will play in your life and mine. I got to thinking about the example of motherhood I have had over the years. My mother has been my greatest role model for how to be a great mother, not perfect, but the best mother anyone could be. She had a hand of both a gentle touch and a firmness when needed. She raised me to know, love and serve the Lord in a faith that I am proud to stand firm in today. I thought of my grandmothers and the life they led as a mother and grandmother. I thought about my mother-in-law and the amazing family I have blessed to marry into and the son she raised just for me. I got to thinking of my sisters-in-law and the mothers they have become, as I have fortunately gotten to see them all first hand become the greatest at what they do for their family. I thought about my friends who are mothers, which is the majority of you, and the role you have stepped into in the last few years and you have done it with such grace, faith and of course style.

I just sat in church in awe of the women and mothers God has blessed me to be surrounded by my entire life's journey. Then I got to thinking about what kind of mother I will be. Will I be a good one? Will I get it right? Will I reflect the woman of Proverbs 31, as was talked about in church yesterday? Will I live to the standards that have been set by the tracks and shoes I have to follow? I can't lie, I got a little scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. If you know me at all, you know that I doubt myself in most situations. I have always known I would want to be a mom and fortunately still do, but I think it's now the I hope I get it right I'm wondering about.

You see, on Friday, it all came rushing to reality that I am about to become a mother in a "this isn't a test run" kind of way. Here's why.

Ironically in light of the "holiday" weekend, I received the greatest gift an expecting mother could ever ask for, which was to hear my baby's heart beat for the first time. I was frozen in amazement and in awe of this rapid beat that wasn't my own. Matt goes, it must be working out in there, running laps around your uterus. Thanks honey. But WOW! I really have a baby coming my way and it has a heart beat! I suddenly wanted to protect that little person from what it's about to enter into this coming Fall. I wanted to sit and listen to this noise the rest of the afternoon. It was just the coolest experience thus far in my pregnancy journey. I mean, seeing it was great, but it looked like a little popcorn shrimp. A heart beat, meant it was this little person that was alive and growing so fast. It was just surreal.

I know I will never be fully prepared for what is to come, b/c lets be honest, with God's plan, are we ever really prepared? But I know that on this Mother's day, I felt something different. It was a new sense of highest honor for my own mother and the mother's in my life than ever felt before.
So, I salute you mothers. Happy Mother's Day to a the special mother you are.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Excuse me, is that your bag?

If you ever ride the metro in DC, which I do at least twice a day, you will here this question come over the intercom at least twice. You also get a friendly reminder from your driver at least once. At least that is usually the case for me.
Well, today, I was on the metro on my way to work and low and behold, there was a bag! It was a suit case that had no one around it. It was just a bag sitting there by the door. People could hardly get on or off the train because of this stupid bag. Well, people started wondering and asking this exact question, "Excuse me, is that your bag?" Everyone and I mean everyone was like, "uh, no." And you could tell that people were kind of getting worried a little about what was going on with this mystery bag. *Pause* When there is a "mystery bag" on the train, they have to off load the train, they shut down the metro station, the bomb squad comes in, they stop traffic, IT'S A MESS!!
*Back to the story*
One stop later, this guy, TWO ROWS away from this bag, in a HUFF goes, IT'S MINE PEOPLE! Breathing annoyingly stomps up to get his suit case and puts it back by his chair. Pissed off that he couldn't leave it unattended...
Well, COME ON MAN! It's post 9/11!!! Of course we are all going to wonder, not to mention, no one wants to be off loaded! The bomb squad thing is kind of cool to watch, but I've got places to go! Don't get pissy b/c you have to keep a hold of your bag. Some people!

ps. this is the 4th day in a row that someone has gotten up and offered me their seat on the metro, and I don't even think I'm showing that much! It's a perk!