Thursday, December 20, 2007

Barney Cam....'s a slow day in DC.
If you have never heard of Barney Cam, now you have. It is a camera that follows Barney and Miss Beazley around the White House getting ready for the Christmas decorations and parties. It's pretty cute if you like dogs. If you don't like dogs then, you'll watch and wonder why our tax dollars are paying for this broadcast. Either way....Copy and paste (because I don't think it's clickable) the link below and enjoy a little Christmas cheer from the First Dogs to you...

2006 is funnier than 2007 so I attached that one as well. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas! or should I say...Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr. Hooker...

As most of you know, I'm a Hooker. It's legal now. It's on my social security card. I have proof. However, some think I have made my husband up. He's a myth of my imagination. I promise he isn't. Unlike those who take the HOV lane with their blow up passenger in tow, he's a real person.
I try not to gush too much about him b/c I wouldn't want to make anyone throw up. However, he is more than a wonderful guy, and I consider myself the lucky one to have him in my life. I'm pretty proud of him, like that soccer mom who doesn't want to talk about her kids, but since you asked she's going to tell you everything anyway... That's me. People in my office question whether he knows exactly what he has gotten himself into...then they just shake their heads and say "poor Matt."
The other part of DC that I find interesting is the military life. You don't hear too much about it in the DC area. People know it exists, but no one really talks about it. Having just entered the military life myself, it has become a whole knew world for me. You see, Matt is a "designated" pilot for the US Navy. (I don't know why the "designated" part, but he flies E-2 planes on and off of aircraft carriers, and that's all I know) He is stateside right now, thank the Lord, working just outside of the Pentagon. After Sept. who knows where we will go, but going wherever together is a pretty exciting adventure to think about.
Being a wife of military is so far beyond what I thought it would be. I won't bore you with details, but it's something I never thought I would be a part of. I am so much more aware of the military and who they are, their ranks, what branch, how can you tell their ranks, bases around the world, discounts...the list goes on. I have an ID that gets me on bases, discounts at the movies and even cheaper medicine. I told you there was a lot to take in and I'm definitely doing just that. Matt makes fun of me about some of the things I get excited about in this regard.
Military life has its perks. It also has it's downfalls too, such as living in fear of your husband being deployed, even though you knew this possibility going into the marriage. We don't think about it in day to day life but it's always something that sits in the back of your mind in wonder. In the meantime, I have Matt here with me. My mom used to tell me our love would change after we got married. Who knew she would be right? I love my husband more and more every day. I never thought I would get to have such an amazing man but I consider myself truly blessed to take his name, even if that means being Mrs. Hooker. I think I pull it off. You?

Lunch as usual...

So, a few of my co workers and I went to lunch today in Chinatown. It was lunch as usual except, when we got on the Metro to go two stops from Union Station (where we work) to Chinatown, we were, yet again, serenaded by, you'll never guess, an accordion. It was GREAT! He was pretty good to be honest. He made me want to get out of my seat and do a little German jig or something. My favorite part of his playing was, not only was he good, he knew he was good. When he stopped playing, he started clapping for himself so everyone else would clap too. He was needing money, and he was talented enough to get it. I just think it's funny, the experiences you can have, and the people you can meet on the Metro during lunch as what we in DC would consider usual...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the season to be Merry!

Next to Fall, this is my favorite time of year! It's cold outside, Christmas lights are on, trees are up, Delilah is only playing Christmas music....What more could a girl ask for??
Well, I'll tell you.
For my birthday this year, 29th to be exact, my friend invited me to celebrate the season at the White House this year. So, after thinking about it for a few minutes...not really, I immediately started thinking about what to wear, of course.
Let me tell you, this was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. What an opportunity of a lifetime! There were Christmas trees everywhere. I could walk anywhere in the WH, except the living quarters of course. There was so much food! Drinks! The Presidents Marine Corp Band was playing Christmas tunes in the main hallway.
We walked in from the East Wing, and immideately met and took our pic with the President and First Lady. WOW!!! I was fine, up until it's time to walk into the room where they were. Now I see why they give you a little drink before you go in. I denied my right to do so, but at that point I was regretting that decision. After we did that, we walked up stairs, and we had the best time. I met Josh Bolton, the COS for the President. I even met the chef and was just as pumped to do so as if he were a high powered official making life changing decisions for our country's future. We sat next to an urn which was one of the oldest pieces in the WH. (don't worry, no one was in the urn) I got to go into the Presidential Library, and touch the books or some of the greatest leaders. It's funny that the library sits off of the men's bathroom. I guess it's just in case a man needs some good reading material, but still, it was amusing. It was pretty cool to think about the people who have been there before, and the parties that took place before. Now I am part of that group of people. Did I mention it was snowing outside that night, so it was a true Christmas in DC experience? It was one I will NEVER forget! I was in awe the ENTIRE time!

Public transportation....okay, modes of transportation in general

I have to tell you this b/c it's too good not to tell...
I was on the Metro a couple of days ago on my way in to work. I am one of those people who has adapted to the unwritten rules on the metro which are:
1. speak only when spoken to
2. always have something to do (ipod, book, newspaper)
3. don't look anyone in the eye...ever.
4. ALWAYS look like you know where you're going, even if you have no idea
Well, this particular morning as we are all crammed in the train into DC, I'm literally glued by people to the door, I am anxiously waiting for us to get to the 3 main stops where everyone gets off in the morning. If for no other reason but the man next to me will stop sweating on me.
After finally making it to Farragut West (the first of the 3 main stops), people could begin to spread out a little more. Between McPherson square (#2) and Metro Center (#3 and my stop), the most wonderful thing happened.... A man broke all of the unwritten metro rules. He started singing "Emmanuel", the Christmas song. If any of you need to know what it sounds like, call me and I will sing it to you. I looked at the man standing next to me, who was TOOOTALLY rubber necking at this guy. We all kind of were a little taken back by it. I looked around and people were pretending that this wasn't happening, but they found themselves trying not to look. Let's face it, how could you not look? He was serenading us! He was pretty good too! By the time the doors were opening at my stop, he was finished. Do you clap? Do you just get off and pretend like this didn't just happen? So, I still heeding to "the rules", just got off with ipod in ears and newspaper in hand. However, there were those who were still on the train trying to figure out what to do. So, as I was leaving, I hear what sounds like the "Sarcastic clapping family" from SNL. It was a very AWKWARD clap, but a clap none the less. The guy was like, thank you thank you, as he got off at my stop as though he were just going to go on in to work, like everything was all normal and right with the world. I still hold the question in my head....What was he thinking? I'm not asking that in a bad way, I'm just wondering....WHAT....Was...He....Thinking....? Did he want money? He didn't ask for any? Did he just need to do a little caroling before work??? He wasn't singing along with anything. He just sang....Point to ponder...I think.
The thing I have learned about DC is that people are funny. There are 2 different types of people that live here. Those who want to be someone and those who are just trying to live a dream. I have no idea what category this guy lives in.
When you take a cab in DC you really learn a lot about this city. My co worker and I usually try to make friends with our drivers, trying to learn a little more, but also befriend someone who drives jerks around all day. Most of the drivers I have had aren't originally from here. They are usually from Africa or the Middle East, who moved here 25-40 years ago trying to make a life for themselves and their family. Most of them went to college, attempted a desk job for a while, but somewhere along the way... they started driving people around this great city of ours. But, the thing is, they are just so happy to be here. They are grateful and thankful for our country and the opportunities they have had here, whether it be a desk job or driving a car, they are happy right where they are. I just wonder if the guy on the Metro was trying to make a name for himself, or was he trying to live a dream...oooor....did someone dare him to do it?? Either way, there is never a dull moment when it comes to any mode of transportation you choose to take in this city...DC.