Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank you for being a friend...

Well, this weekend a beloved woman who graces my TV more than most, passed away. Not that I mourned, but the girls of gold are getting older, as two have now passed on, and it makes me sad a little as this show is like comfort food to me. I watched the "Golden Girls" religiously as a child on Saturday nights. As a kid, I rarely got the sexual humor, but I thought Rose was right up my ally. Still do. Now as an adult, I get the sex humor and it's funnier than it was in the 80's. There was rarely a life lesson to be learned at the end of each episode like "Full House". Nor was there ever any real slapstick comedy that forced you to just shake your head like "Family Matters". It was just 4 older women who lived together in one house and by the end of the series they were a family of 4 women brought together by life's circumstances and friendship. I guess it just reminds me of another relationship or two that I know.

Dorothy with her rigid sense of humor and extremely dry sarcasm has been greatly appreciated for years. Her relationship and dynamic between each woman was truly art, but it was the mother/daughter duo that always had me in stitches. Estelle Getty, who played Dorothy's witty and blunt mother, was the fan fave, even mine. She said the things that I could never say to anyone. If only I could be more like Sophia...
I told Matt that "Dorothy" passed away and he goes, "huh, must have run in the family.", as "Sophia" passed away in July of last year.

As much as I love TV, if you know me, "Golden Girls" ranks up there with "Sex and the City". As it was the SATC of the 80's.

So, to Dorothy and's to you. Stay Golden!

Friday, April 24, 2009

it's just funny

Although I haven't puked, but felt like it a time or two... I thought this was funny.

pregnancy cartoon

Op! There it is!

The belly has arrived! Here is the belly pic to prove it. I think it just looks like the belly I used to make in college when I would pretend to be pregnant or make a bagel out of my gut. (don't tell Matt that last part) Matt took these this morning while he was walking out the door and I was getting ready for work (6:45am thank you very much). So, I look a little out of it. I always put my makeup on when I'm half asleep. That way it's like a surprise when you see yourself in the bathroom mirror at work.
Speaking of work... in case you're wondering, it is less than the cool thing to do to get pregnant before 35 around here. That has been interesting to watch as people give you the "Awe! Are you excited?!?" I'm tempted to say "NO!" at some point just to get a reaction, but...
I do look forward to being big enough that I can kick people out of their seats on the Metro!! Big days are coming for me (literally)

oh, and my skin hasn't seen the sun since 2007 so... I'm the whitest native american I know. Chief Sequoia would be so sad.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How we told them

Some have been asking how we told our parents well, here you go:
My family:
We had not been to the Dr. when we sent our package to my family. We decided since we didn't have the token picture to send, and wanting to send it to them for Easter, we would play a little game with them. If you know me at all you know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE board games! My brother's used to hate my night at family night when I got to choose the family activity of choice. I always wanted to play monopoly or candyland. THEY HATED THAT! hehehe...
Well, with that in mind, we sent each member of my family an egg. In the egg was a reese's cup (my fave) and a scrabble letter. The letter's spelled out "We are pregnant".
They opened it up when everyone was at my parent's house for lunch. According to my sister's-in-law, my mom went to town putting these letters together. She yelled at my dad to come see what she had done, or what we had done I guess. They told me that dad was in denial, that my mom just wanted it to say that (as she got all the letters in the right place), and made her try to make it say something else. They called to see if it wasn't something else and then my dad just asks, "Are you pregnant??" With everyone laughing and cheering in the background I had to tell my dad "yes." Bless his heart! His next sentence was "Well, I guess I don't need to have that 'other' talk with Matt now, huh?" HA! Needless to say, by 6:00pm that night, I think the entire town of Ft. Gibson knew they were going to be grandparents again. One sister-in-law said that my brother looked at her thinking it was her way of telling him they were going to have another baby... poor Darren.
Now Matt's family:
We had gone to the Dr. that afternoon before driving to Va Beach to see his parents, so we had proof in tow. We had actually bought some fun Easter eggs for them too, so on our way down we stopped off at Kinko's to make copies of the pictures for everyone to have in their eggs. On Saturday when everyone was over, Matt pulls out this Easter basket with the eggs in it. He said, "We found these funny joke eggs and wanted to share them with you. They're pretty hilarious, but just remember it's kind of a joke." I mean, what else is the poor guy going to say. I was dying eggs on one end of the kitchen with my little nephew and they were all at the other end around the table. Well, when the eggs came Kahmani ditched me, but whatever. So, everyone opened their eggs together. All I remember hearing was "ARE YOU SERIOUS???" and then screaming!! HA! My sister-in-law came ruuuunning over to me (she past Matt) with the biggest hug! I LOVED IT! Then next was his mom! I think they were excited! ha! It was so fun to see and hear our families reactions. It was such a great weekend.
November 11th! Ready or not here we come!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You're going to put that where???

Well, Some of you have been asking about the Dr.'s visit and how that all went. Well, let's just discuss leading up to the visit. I called the day I found out to make the appointment, b/c that's what the box said to do. My Dr.'s knew before Matt! I just wanted to be fully prepared with information before I told him (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). We set it for 5 weeks from that day, so I would be 9 weeks pregnant at the visit. Do any of you know how hard it is to wait 5 weeks for anything??? I had to wait 5 weeks to tell my parents, 5 weeks to know if the baby is doing okay, 5 weeks to see a heart beat, 5 weeks to get that fun little picture you show off to all your friends and family!!! 5 WEEKS!!!! KILL ME NOW!!!
The week of the appointment rolls around. I couldn't believe it was finally here!! Luckily it went fast b/c I was helping with our VBS at church. Matt and I had a terrible argument on the Wed. prior. You know how couples are...
Friday finally gets here and we get into the dr.'s room. It was so awkward b/c I have never had a man in "that" room with me before. It was so weird. Long story short, my dr. walks in and, well, she is just great! She could tell I was nervous b/c I really just wanted to know that all was well in there. So I see her dressing this stick thing. (and by dressing, "you know what I mean!") I kind of looked at her with this eye of "where is that going to go?" It didn't phase Matt. When she said "you see that little flashy thing there", pointing to the screen. I said, "yes." She then said, "That's your baby's heart beating." I started to tear up and I looked at Matt and said "We have a heart beat." I knew at that moment that all was right with the world. I didn't in that moment understand how someone can say "there is no God" b/c looking at that screen, clearly there is and what an AMAZING God he is!
The rest was just routine. I didn't hear half of what she said to me and and what point I just said, "what?" and she looked at Matt and said, You got that, right? HA! It was funny! I do have pregnancy brain really badly. I FORGET EVERYTHING!!!! OY! But that was our Dr.'s visit. We are excited about our baby, our dr., the hospital, and the life's journey we have been set to now embark on. What a journey, and I hope I can remember to blog it! :)
ps. I promise a belly picture will come soon.

Sick and tired...

I've decided to do better with my blogging, but I have been sick since Saturday. Matt, the good man that he is, loves me so so much. He wants to share everything with me. He always says "what's his is mine and what's mine is his". Well, he loved me enough to even share is cold with me! I have not had a voice in 3 days! I KNOW! If any of you know me, you know this has been almost impossible for me! And since the whole pregnancy thing, I have been EXHAUSTED to the inth degree! If you add a cold to that, well, let's just say I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Some of you have asked about how I have been feeling, well, up to this point, I have been feeling great (minus the falling asleep at my desk at work). It has been an easy pregnancy thus far, but I know I am just tipping the iceberg.
So, I have not forgotten about my blog...I've just been sleeping for the last 3 days.
On the upside, we went house hunting on Saturday. We have prospects! I might have a baby's room and a Mary Kay office by June! Hip Hip Hooray! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

...the rest of the story

Well, as I said in my previous post, Mike, Shelly, Anderson, Matt and myself all went out to dinner for their farewell dinner. It was so fun!
Shelly was telling me all about the Oprah episode with the moms on there that were just giving advice and talking about pregnancy and motherhood. Well, it sounded like a good car crash to me, of course I asked questions.
Halfway through looking at the menu, Shelly starts playing a little Angela Lansbury detective style. She informs me that the crab cakes I thought I wanted were on the "bad foods list" along with the fried calamari. Well, it was a good thing I wanted the fried chicken fingers...
We start talking about the weekend, and Matt and I told them we were going to Matt's parents. "For what?" she asks with a very excited tone. I sadly had to burst her bubble to remind her it was Easter weekend and we hadn't seen Matt's family since Christmas.
I get a phone call from a source that shall remain nameless, but informed me that Shelly had a plan in her head of what Matt and I were "really" going to be doing in VA Beach. My source tells me that Shelly thought we were going to tell Matt's parents that we were pregnant and then we were going to call my parents and tell them, and then on Monday would tell everyone else.. Did I get that right, Shelly?
Well, miss Shelly, you were wrong. We didn't call my parents. We sent them a package that told them for us! :) But for the most part... you hit the nail on the head. :) How did you do that? Actually, Mike called the date EXACTLY!! So, technically, you were even out foxed by your husband. :)

10 weeks and counting...
Matt and I are very excited. (This was the first post Matt helped me write. I suspect there will be more Matt voice to come)

Take me out to the ball game and then to KS...

Well, our "couple friends" Mike and Shelly have moved back to KS. In light of their last days in DC, the best thing to do was go to a Nationals' baseball game. They were playing the Baltimore Oriole's. Thanks to Ronnie Deck, we got our really awesome seats for free. It pays to know low people in high places. Needless to say, I think there was a good time had by all. Even little Anderson had fun!

Shelly and I enjoyed the chatting and the chili...

...but no one enjoyed the chili more than Michael...

Matt and I just enjoyed their company, as we do like the Nats, we usually go for beer and hotdogs. This time we went for the company, well, mainly to play with Anderson.

(I swear I didn't drop him)

A few days later, we had our farewell dinner with them at their favorite little place near where they were staying.
That's the thing about DC, people come and go here so quickly, but the best thing is is that you meet and make new friends! I'm very thankful that God brought them to DC and into our lives. We miss you guys already!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Questionable Behavior

Okay. I was thinking on my way into work this morning about my time in DC thus far. I have been here for over 3 years now! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?! It has flown by but at the same time feels like it has been forever. I have been living in the same neighborhood for 3 whole years. I have walked the same way to the Metro in the morning for 3 years and the same way home for 3 years. In all these 3 years something has always puzzled me. In my morning, afternoon, evening and eve weekend walking to the metro I have always noticed and wondered the same thing...
Well, let me back up. In my daily walk I pass a building. It's an unmarked building with only two entrances, that I know of. The two entrances are both blocked by security guards. Now, my building has a security guard downstairs where you flash your badge and keep a walkin'. Not this building. This building, in front of the parking garage doors has AT LEAST 4 men and 2 big dogs standing there with their automatic weapons. We're talking BIG GUYS with BIG GUNS (and not in a "that's what she said" kind of way). I HAVE NO IDEA what is in this building that requires a car check with guns and dogs for everyone that enters it. We're just in a quiet little neighborhood... and they are there AROUND THE CLOCK! It's like, who are they keeping in there? The other entrance has only one guard with one gun, but it is in the tunnel of the metro. I'm telling you, it's bizzaro! I have spent 3 years wondering WHAT IS IN THERE?!?! and I have yet to find the answer. I want to ask, but I don't want to get shot! Any ideas?