Thursday, January 15, 2009

She'll see it later, honey. Her eyes are frozen.

I am wearing 5 layers of clothing today. My face was frozen in a constipated look sort of position by the time I got to work today, not to mention a runny nose and watery eyes. And that was just a 2 1/2 block walk from the Metro to my office. I know Morgandi is getting it worse in Chicago, but HOLY CRAP it's COLD! I hope it gets is going to be a balmy 11 tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about that! If I fall on ice, I promise to take a picture of the wreckage.

It only takes a smile...

...and the next thing you know I'm in the midst of a conversation with a complete stranger.
Okay here's what happened:
I was walking from my office to the Metro. I didn't go the way I normally go b/c it was FREEEZING and I just wanted to get home, so I took the first available crosswalk and went with it. Well, at the other side of the street, you have to look over your shoulder a little to see for on coming traffic, which is what I was doing at the time of the "smile".
I was standing in the street (of course), and this lady was standing on the curb as we were waiting for the light to change or a car not to come, which ever came first. I glanced over my shoulder for on coming cars and I caught the eye of a woman who smiled at me, so me not being rude, gave a nice smile back. Whatever. I kept walking, and this lady caught up to me.
She started chatting with me, so me being nice, answered her questions, like "So are do you work around here?" "Are you participating in any of the Inaugural events?" What do you do for a living?" and naturally I returned the questions back to her (thinking what a nice lady or awe, she needs a friend) We chat about our work blah blah, and by this time, we are on the platform waiting for the train (2 blocks later and 2 escalator rides later) and she was asking me if "journalism is my calling" and I thought to myself, "Oh, she is going to minister to me. That's nice." I don't know why I thought this, but I did. We got to talking about our "calling" when I pushed my glasses up on my face with my left had (my wedding ring hand), as the train was arriving. "We are all looking for our calling, well it was nice to meet you" and she immediately cut off of the conversation and RAN onto the train! I mean, didn't even finish the conversation. Most keep talking as you walk onto the train, chat until it's your stop. NOT HER! She just ended it. The whole situation had me puzzled and a little weirded out. I was just trying to be nice, and I'm trying not to thing that she was trying to be "nicer", if you will. Now, I'm not making fun of her, it's more my cluelessness to the conversation and the whole situation that I went home, told Matt about, and he proceeded to laugh at me for not realizing what was going on. He and I both agreed she was just trying to be nice. Right?
I'm a lightening rod for the odd...I swear! No more making eye contact with anyone...EVER! ps. this happened the DAY AFTER the petting situation.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So few...brain cells

There are very few Bank of America's in the Downtown area. I have to take the Metro to get there from my office. It takes a little time for me to ever find one and get to depositing checks and what not. Every time I venture into a local branch something strange always happens. (I'm sure you're shocked) Well, today, my co worker and I had to both go to the bank. We hopped on the red line to, where, none other than Chinatown. (I held my hair as to not be petted this time)
We have to sit at the bank for a little bit b/c my friend needed to get a signature from a man that didn't quite seem to be in any kind of hurry, b/c we had to sit and wait with this man who seemed harmless and minding his own business. It was fine. UNTIL...
She and I were having a conversation and she used the word "curiouser". Now you and I both know this isn't a real word. She asked me, "Is curiouser a real word?", but before I could even get the words, "I'm gonna go with no on this one" out of my mouth, this guy chimes in randomly with his accent from downunder. "Of course it is. They say it on Alice in Wonderland!" Well, if they say it on Alice in Wonderland, then it must be true. And I'm Tweedldee and she's Tweedleddum! Then he proceeds to tell us all about Alice in Wonderland and how great the book is, we should be reading more, etc. etc. The man we needed the signature from just couldn't call our name fast enough! It was the longest 1/2 hour of my life...a 1/2 hour I can never get back.

Something creepy

So, I get on the Metro to go home yesterday, I sit down in the front seat with an open seat behind me. The train stops at Chinatown and on walks a man who sits down behind me. Now I rarely pay attention to what is going on around me (unless there's a fight), so I'm just minding my business. I'm listening to Patti Griffin and playing solitaire on my Ipod. It's what I do. So, this man sits behind me. I feel a slight tug on my hair. Well, I just thought he was grabbing on to the bar that is on the back of my chair, and he was at first, but then he STARTED PETTING MY HAIR!! Petting me. Like a puppy! I have never in my LIFE been petted by a stranger. I was so beyond creeped out. Fortunately, my stop was next and I seriously couldn't get off fast enough.
And that was my day yesterday.

Monday, January 12, 2009

If I wanted to go to Inauguration...

I would have to put on my walking shoes, my friend.

As you may or may not know we will have a new president next week. I think the only way you WOULDN'T know this is if you live under a rock. In light of this overwhelmingly historical event, as our first "african-american" president is inaugurated into office, many have chosen to be apart of this whole situation. When I say many, there is suspect of 4ish million people expected to arrive here over the course of this next weekend.

People are renting their homes for THOUSANDS of dollars a night. Hotels have been booked since November 5 and DC has been building stands and stages since late October.

As for transportation in shuttling these "4M" people around... MARC train (Maryland Commuter train between DC and Baltimore) riders will not be allowed to use their passes on the day of Inauguration, but will have to pay for your seat. The Metro will be charging the "peak hour" rates that day, you will have to pay to park at the Metro's "park and ride" stations, and last but certainly not least, they are SHUTTING DOWN the bridges from Virginia to DC. All who can't get on the Metro in VA are going to have to WALK to the Capitol. Granted, I have done this before, but it wasn't January and it wasn't b/c I had to do it. They have shut down the streets around the Capitol.

Fortunately for me, Inauguration Day is a Federal Holiday here in DC. Matt and I thought about leaving, renting out our home, but decided we had better not, seeing that all who came must leave. There is no way we would get back!
So, if you need me on Inauguration Day, I will be holed up in my house with my husband, my remote and maybe a puzzle.