Friday, October 16, 2009

Thelma and Louise

My mom and Cheryl came in mid september to get Matt and I all settled into our new place. In a matter of 7 days they managed to put our ENTIRE house together. Pictures are out and up on the walls, fall decorations are up, baby clothes are washed and hung.
The baby's room is almost ready...

I will take some pictures of the house soon and post them too.

Happy fall!


Monica said...

Great to see an update from you beautiful girl! Looks like your life has been full of adventures the past 6 months & it's about to get even MORE exciting:) Love you!

Michelle said...

Oh exciting you're about to be a mom....
Love you sister!

babyblueeyed girl said...

hello beautiful friend
sounds like all is well in the hooker home
miss you
but so happy for you
much love