Friday, October 16, 2009

What happened next

Well, I got back from our family vacation and moved out of our church office. At the end of July I headed back to Oklahoma to hang out with my family and friends a little more before the bambino gets here.
I spent the first part of the week with my parents and family in FTG. It was 4 days of laying around by the pool with family. It's a tough life but someone has to do it. My "home" church threw a shower for me and I began to feel so overwhelmed by the love of other people. I'm not one that likes to really be "showered" upon for some reason, so when people show their kindness in anyway, I actually lose my words. I, of course, left my camera back in DC, but you know what my family looks like.
Mid week I headed to OKC to see all of my girls. I have to tell you, it was such a breath of fresh air to see all of them. We all hadn't been together since Matt and I's wedding. Lynn came down from WY, Morg came from OH, Tams came from TX and we met up with everyone else in OKC. We had so much fun!! I'm sure since this is so late you have already caught up on all of the ongoings from everyone else's blog. They threw me a surprise shower, which honestly a surprise, contrary to what they all say. I was even more surprised when I saw my mom, Sara and Hope there. Again, I was just overwhelmed by joy and love for those who really are so close to my heart.
The day I had to fly out, Mandy and I did a few 26 week photos. She is such an amazing photographer, I couldn't imagine anyone else capturing this moment any better than her.

There are more, but there is so much more to cover...

So I got back to DC and 5 days later we signed on our house. We were a home owner!

I couldn't believe it! What a scary feeling! Since we had more time left on our lease at the the condo, we took two weeks to pack and move. So, to recap, I am now working my new part time job from home/Barnes & Nobel, working my MaryKay business, packing/moving and still growing new body parts in my belly everyday.

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Your pictures are Beautiful!