Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Weekend

Well, not only did we have our first couch experience, but Sunday was Annie's first baseball game. Our friends, Toni and Jesse gave us tickets for FANTASTIC seats. We had a great time, considering... She was all geared up and ready to go, except one thing. She hadn't taken that great of a nap before hand. We got to the line at 5 Guys in the stands and wouldn't you know she screamed bloody murder for two straight innings. The innings were long in the beginning b/c the other team kept scoring. We finally got to our seats by the 3rd inning and she zoncked out! She was up and at'em by the 7th inning stretch and ready to go home by the 9th. I don't blame her. The Nats aren't that great, but the games are still fun to go to when you can.
All in all, it was memorable for everyone.

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Dara said...

She is so so adorable. I love her little hat.