Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I know. I am pretty much the worst blogger in the creation of online journaling...I know.
Let me start by saying that motherhood...well, there are so many things to say about it. It's the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done, next to marriage. Annie is the best baby and I am beyond blessed, but the last 5 months ( I know! I can't believe it either) have been a true learning and growing experience. I have days where I want to be selfish and let her just sit and cry until I get annoyed and go get her, but her sweet little face forces me to do otherwise (most of the time). I remember actually thinking the night I went into the hospital "this will be my last nights sleep for a long time." Is that bad? The thing of it is, she sleeps through the night, but for some reason I can never get enough sleep. This experience, thus far, has throttled me into a world of selflessness, for sure. She cries, I jump into action, whatever it may be. I wash bottles at least 1 hour a day (total) thanks to Dr.Brown and his(it has to be a man) creative ways of 6 parts to 1 bottle. She flashes her million dollar smile and my heart melts and sometimes there are tears b/c there is no way I could ever have done anything so right as this little girl.
She roles over and has started creeping her way to whatever she wants. She is almost mobile. When the day comes that she understands how to get her little legs under her, I think I am doomed. She talks all of the time. She may look like daddy, but...well, I won't say it, but you all know.
As for me, I take each day with great stride in anticipation for what it holds and has in store for us. She is my little sidekick I take everywhere I go. She is even loving gardening with me. As I pull weeds, she tries to eat them. "Those aren't yours." She snores, as she is doing right this moment.
Anyway, that is what has been consuming my life the past 5 months. And those who say, "you won't even remember life before your baby" are in fact big fat liars. I remember life before here, and it was good. She just adds a little extra excitement. Like salsa or queso... it makes every chip taste a whole lot better.

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