Monday, April 19, 2010

We all saw it coming...

Okay, so lets be honest here. What I am about to tell you will absolutely not shock you. Why, b/c I am a mother. It's what I do.
So, Saturday night we were trying to settle Annie down before getting her to bed. Matt was in the kitchen getting her bottle ready and I was in the living room getting her swaddled and ready for our bedtime story. I turned my back for a moment, thanks to my sick obsession with text messaging and I see it happening in slow motion... thud! thud! WHAAAAAH!!!
That's right, she fell of the couch! OH MY GOSH! SHE FELL OFF OF THE COUCH! Now, honestly, it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I would rather it be the later part. It was so sad. She was so tired and scared. I mean, I am supposed to be the one to catch her when she falls, but I wasn't. My poor girl! I know that in about a year or so I'll probably leave her at the grocery store of something. What goes around comes around. I mean, I was left all over Muskogee, OK as a kid. I love my parents, but I think they secretly were trying to teach me a lesson (still not sure what it was just yet). If I cried once I cried 6 times at several different points in my growing years. I was left in SALISAW, OK, my dad's office, the grocery store, the mall... Not that I am bitter or have a complex...My point is, my poor Annie doesn't stand a chance.


Kelly T said...

No worries, Jayna, it happens to every mom. They just don't all admit it.

I let Sophie fall out of the baby swing when she was about 2-3 months old. Will has had much worse under my watchful eye... poor second kids. This third baby is lucky to live through 6 months at this rate.

Shelly said...

Must be DC... that is where Anderson "fell off the couch" too! It's just such a weird moment because you realize (within seconds) you can't leave them for a moment like you use to be able to do! Crazy!